Beyond the Next Big Thing - Webinar

Welcome to the future...

Sign up and watch our webinar on Designing with Foresight with Nile's Practice Director Neil Collman.

Often when businesses want to innovate or disrupt, they focus on how to amplify what they are already doing, or on the next big thing. But often that means they simply end up with more of what they have now.

Foresight is a structured, creative process to see beyond that, to understand how changes in human behaviours and attitudes might play out over time so you can make decisions today to take advantage.

The webinar will: 

  • Introduce techniques to spot evolving trends, behaviours and attitudes.
  • A framework to integrate this thinking into business practices.
  • Examples of foresight in practice.
  • Q & A using live chat and #BeyondNow2018 on Twitter