Designing with foresight

Foresight workshops

The world is changing faster than ever before. How do you keep up? How do ensure you are creating the most advanced experience for your customers and preparing for what your customer of the future might need from you?

Designing with foresight will give you a new way of approaching design projects that will future-proof your ideas. We use tried and tested foresight tools and methods to shift your thinking, identify untapped opportunities and change the way you think about the future so you can take action today.

Why Design with foresight?

  • Get beyond obvious trends
  • Explore unexpected scenarios
  • Understand your customers of the future
  • Build a forward thinking team
  • Take advantage of the latest cutting edge techniques

In three hours, the workshop will take your team on a journey that will cover:

  • Preparation phase - Get your mind future ready
  • Foresight methods - Exploring signals, trends and scenarios
  • Insight session - Get a new and informed perspective - see things differently
  • Action - Agree and create steps to integrate foresight in practice

If you want to find out more or run a foresight workshop with us, speak to Neil Collman